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Who’s Attending?

Everyone is Welcome!

The 2018 Global SAFe Summit is a big tent event that embraces everyone who wants to engage with SAFe, its community of practice, and the businesses that support the Framework.

The 2017 SAFe Summit attracted:

  • Over 1,200 attendees
  • 315 companies from 27 different countries
  • 67 Scaled Agile Partners
  • 20 exhibitors

Who will be at the 2018 Global SAFe Summit?

Members of the SAFe Community

If you’re looking for insights and inspiration from someone with  similar challenges, this is the place to make those connections. SAFe professionals from a wide range of industries and disciplines attend the Global SAFe Summit to build knowledge, advance their career, support their business or enterprise, and take advantage of the many networking opportunities.

Scaled Agile Partners

If your organization needs an implementation partner, a SAFe platform, or help with training and coaching, the Summit is a great place to find the ideal match. Scaled Agile Partners provide worldwide expertise and support to organizations looking to maximize the business benefits that are attainable through SAFe. This includes:

  • Training and coaching for all SAFe roles
  • Implementation and consulting services across industries and disciplines
  • Platforms for SAFe automation, visibility, and flow

Enterprise leaders and change agents

If you want to gain an understanding of how some of the world’s largest enterprises are succeeding with SAFe and how they overcame challenges and roadblocks to unlock business results, the Global SAFe Summit is truly a must-attend event. Enterprise leaders and change agents attend the Summit to share their SAFe journeys and lessons learned as well as hear about SAFe transformations from their peers in other enterprises.

SAFe Fellows, Contributors, the Framework team, and the Learning & Certification team

The success of SAFe is the result of some of the best and brightest minds in the Lean-Agile space working together to debate, innovate, collaborate, and ultimately deliver the best possible Framework, knowledge base, and courseware. The Global SAFe Summit is your chance to interact with the people behind the Framework and the growing pool of thought leaders who contribute to the SAFe knowledge base and Scaled Agile’s role-based curriculum. They all bring specialized knowledge and in-depth field experience that can help you and your enterprise effectively leverage SAFe within your unique context. This includes:

  • Dean Leffingwell, the creator of SAFe and Chief Methodologist
  • The Framework team and methodologists from Scaled Agile
  • The SAFe Fellows who provide thought leadership to enterprises and the SAFe community
  • The Learning and Certification team behind Scaled Agile’s role-based curriculum
  • The SAFe Contributors who contribute content to the SAFe knowledge base