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Customer Story: 7 Things We Do For Our Agile Transformation at Scale: Pôle emploi

Customer Story: Pôle emploi

Pôle emploi is a government agency in France that provides support to unemployed citizens by serving as a link between job seekers and companies, paying income compensation to the unemployed, offering professional development guidance, and also by assisting companies with recruitment plans.

The agency was created in 2008 by combining two agencies, ANPE and ASSEDIC. It employs approximately 54,000 people in 17 regional offices. In 2016 alone, it paid over 33 billion Euros in benefits and was involved in 4 million recruitments.

Pôle emploi has been transforming its work methods since 2015. Through the new practices brought or encapsulated by SAFe®, it tears down historical silos and deeply transforms the communication patterns. On the way, it even on-boards non-Agile teams as well as teams working on desktops and infrastructure.

With an IT department of 1600 people plus as many external contractors, this transformation is no small deal. It takes a good strategy, a small team of driven individuals and a culture open to change despite the unknown. Slowly but surely, culture evolves. The organization changes to build better solutions, better respect the tax payers’ money and attract new talents.

Next steps on the SAFe journey include the installation of the SAFe Portfolio level with a kanban, refactoring the trains for optimization, and develop a focus on innovation.

Location: Potomac AB Date: October 3, 2018 Time: 4:55 pm - 5:30 pm Cecile Auret