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Room Presenter Talk Title Description
National Harbor 2 – 3 Sally Elatta Scaling Agile Metrics and Measuring what Matters! You’ve heard, “what gets measured gets improved.” In reality we focus too much on measuring outputs not outcomes. We’ll take a deeper dive into the three metrics that matter and how to accelerate the health of teams by adopting a continuous growth mindset.
National Harbor 10 – 11 Zeeshan Huque Dashing Dashboards—Boost Your Performance by Tracking These Metrics Whether your organization is in the early phases of SAFe, or expanding implementation to the Program and Portfolio levels, displaying certain key metrics can do wonders. This presentation will discuss some of those advantageous dashboards.
National Harbor 4 – 5 Bryn Hughes Business Agility—the Art of Acceleration How to incorporate Agile delivery within the wider organizational portfolio, while enabling agility across the business to deliver value earlier in the life cycle and also allowing for changes in direction to be more easily accommodated.
National Harbor 12 -13 Peter Jessen Fun with Leadership Anti-Patterns SAFe transformations are too important to be taken seriously. We’ll have fun with leadership anti-patterns, including such favorites as injected work, the controller, waterfall release trains (designed to work with Agile Release Trains [ARTs]), and “We need more velocity!”
Chesapeake D – F Steve Lawton Leading a SAFe Culture Change with Positivity This presenter shares how he used several tools of positivity and positive leadership principles to lead the Dell IT Agile Transformation including the culture changes over the last four years. Come learn what works and what doesn’t.
Chesapeake 4 – 6 Barc Holmes Five Tips for Better Agile Contracting If you are paying big bucks for expert delivery support, you shouldn’t be teaching your providers how to deliver. This talk will address five key approaches to setting up agreements so you and your partner can deliver in a Lean, collaborative way.
Chesapeake A – C Inbar Oren & Akshay Anand Five myths about SAFe and ITIL There are a lot of misconceptions about ITIL in an Agile world, as many very the two as contradictions. In this lighting talk we will cover five common myth about SAFe and ITIL and set them straight.