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SAFe in Government

The 2018 SAFe Summit is Coming to You!

This year’s Global SAFe Summit is conveniently located in Washington, DC.

This event will be especially beneficial for government employees. Through keynotes, technical sessions, breakouts, and customer case studies you will learn how SAFe is being implemented in the government sector. There is even a brand new SAFe in Government course launching at the Summit! This course will be an opportunity to learn the practical skills to implement SAFe in your government agency/department, and will give you the opportunity to be certified as a SAFe Government Practitioner. Be among the first to get trained in SAFe for Government and be on the cutting edge of your field.

Dedicated Track: SAFe in Government Programs

Federal, regional, and local governments have a mandate from the public to spend money on software and systems in the most cost efficient manner possible. As a result, many have found their way to SAFe and are reporting gains in both productivity and costs savings. Some even exceeding the outstanding gains reported in the commercial sector. This track will explore strategies for adopting SAFe in government, highlight some successful case studies, and bring focus to critical topics including:

  • Acquiring solutions with Agile contracting
  • Multi-vendor teams and programs
  • Governance
  • Auditing
  • Earned value management

Full Agenda

Pre-conference Training: SAFe for Government with certification (2-day course, Oct. 1 – 2)

Applying Lean-Agile Practices in Public Enterprises

Transitioning to Lean-Agile practices for building digital services is especially challenging in the government context. But legacy governance, contracting, and organizational barriers can be overcome with the right information and strategies. During this two-day course, attendees will learn the principles and practices of SAFe, how to execute and release value through Agile Release Trains, and what it means to lead a Lean-Agile transformation of a program inside a government agency.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the Lean-Agile mindset and why it’s an essential foundation for transformation. They’ll also get practical advice on building high performing multi-vendor Agile teams and programs, managing Lean Government Portfolios, acquiring solutions with Agile contracting, launching the program, planning, and delivering value using SAFe, and how specific leadership behaviors can drive successful organizational change, even in government.

Prerequisites: All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, meeting the following prerequisites will make the training more productive.

  • A foundational understanding of the Agile Manifesto, SAFe House of Lean, and SAFe Principles is suggested
  • A foundational understanding of initiating and launching government program experience is helpful

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Post-conference Training: Agile Government Contracting

Applying Lean-Agile Practices in Public Enterprises

As government agencies rapidly adopt Lean-Agile practices, waterfall-centric contracting approaches have been a recurring impediment to success. Traditional incentives and performance measures have less application in a world that emphasizes fast feedback, adaptability, and a high degree of collaboration between government and industry partners. This workshop explores new ways to look at contracting that enables Lean-Agile development. We will explore the goals of Lean-Agile contracts, how the FAR and other acquisition regulations support agility, pros and cons of alternative contract types when acquiring Agile services, good patterns and anti-patterns, government authored resources for Lean-Agile contracting, and examples from actual government Lean-Agile contracts.

Invoicing Option

We recognize the difficulty in getting approval for professional development and training, and want to make this easier for our friends in the government sector. If you would like to request approval from your supervisors to attend the 2018 SAFe Summit, or if you would like to request to pay via invoice, please follow these instructions for the SF-182 process.

If paying via Invoice:

  • Email the Scaled Agile Community Success Team at safe.summit@scaledagile.com with your request to pay by invoice
  • The Community Success Team will send you a private link to register for the Summit and receive an invoice and a copy of Scaled Agile’s W9
  • Fill out the SF-182 form specific to your department, and include the W9 and invoice
  • Please note that payment must be submitted in full before the event. Failure to do so will result in termination of your registration.

We look forward to seeing you at the SAFe Summit, and empowering your professional development in all things SAFe for Government!